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Joy Issacs


Joy is a proud native of Phoenix, Arizona and she attended Arizona State University.  She is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. Joy is an architectural optimist and possesses a knack for seeing the potential in a property the moment that she walks through their threshold. Renovation and revitalization can be life changing for families, neighborhoods and cities alike. It is an honor to be a part of that process. 

Outside of the office and away from current MDG projects, Joy loves participating in social advocacy, scouring estate sales, cooking, attending artistic functions and listening to podcasts. 


Ryan Perkins


Ryan Perkins grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona area, attended Arizona State University, and is currently co-based between Phoenix, Arizona and Mobile, Alabama.

 Professionally, Ryan has a background in business and financial management, including director-level roles at tech-startups and in service oriented industries. Ryan discovered his passion for real estate at an early age through his family's construction firm and began renovating projects post-college.

While away from the office, Ryan enjoys traveling the world, visiting with family, and attending concerts/music festivals. Ryan's charitable giving and volunteer work is focused towards various medical foundations.

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